Corporate Membership Guidelines


Corporate Members: A corporation must be a legally structured registered corporation.  A corporate member may have a minimum of two (2) and a maximum of five (5) designees.  All dues, food and beverage minimums, assessments and other fees applicable to the membership class chosen (i.e. full, sports, or social) apply for each corporate employee designee. All privileges of the membership class chosen would apply except: there is only 1 vote per corporate (full) membership, with the voting member designated by the corporation.


All dues, food & beverage minimums, assessments, etc, for the appropriate class of membership apply for each designee.  For example, if there are 3 employees on a corporate membership as Full members, each of the three pay dues of $305, a quarterly food and beverage minimum of $150, and all other charges per the Full Member Class. 

All corporate designees are subject to Club By-Laws, Article V – Admission of Members regarding application procedures and approval of membership and to Article IX – Discipline and Dismissal and all other club by-laws, rules, and regulations. 

There is only 1 vote allowed per Corporate (Full) Membership – the voting member is to be designated by the corporation.


Fee Structure:

The corporate membership requires a non-refundable one time initiation fee of $5,000.  This initiation fee would allow a minimum of two (2) employees of the corporation to be designated as Full, Sports, or Social Members with the privileges of each of those classes of membership (with the exception of the voting limitation per above)

Additional employee designees would be permitted on the corporate membership by paying the additional monthly dues for that designee, with up to five (5) total members allowed per corporate membership.

If a Designee leaves or changes, a $250 transfer fee and Board approval procedures for the new designee will be required.






Initiation Fee




Monthly Dues

 (per Designee)




Quarterly F&B Minimum (per Designee)